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MDO4000C Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: TEK - MDO4000C

from 6,520.00 *
Product data sheet

TBS1000B Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: TBS1000B

from 490.00 *
Product data sheet

MSO5 Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: MSO5 Series

from 12,500.00 *
Product data sheet

RTB2000 Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: RTB2000

from 1,250.00 *
Product data sheet

MDO3000 Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: TEK - MDO3000

from 3,250.00 *
Product data sheet

TBS1000B-EDU Education Oscilloscope

Product no.: TBS1000B-EDU

from 481.00 *
Product data sheet

RTE1000 Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: RTE1000

from 5,350.00 *
Product data sheet

Pico 3000 Series Oscilloscope 50MHz- 200MHz

Product no.: PicoScope-3000

from 447.00 *
Product data sheet

TBS2000 Series - Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Product no.: TBS2000 Series

from 1,190.00 *

Pico 5000 Series Oscilloscope 60MHz- 200MHz

Product no.: PicoScope-5000

from 943.00 *
Product data sheet

Pico 6000 Series Oscilloscope 250MHz- 1GHz

Product no.: PicoScope-6000

from 2,685.00 *
Product data sheet


Product no.: DPO70000SX ATI

Please contact us for pricing

0.00 *
Product data sheet

Pico 9000 Series Oscilloscope 12GHz-20GHz Sampling Scope

Product no.: PicoScope-9000

from 8,183.00 *
Product data sheet

R&S HMO3054, 500MHz MSO, 4 channels with all options enabled.

Product no.: HMOCOMP4

Discontinued, please see RTM3000 series or RTB2000 series.


4,720.00 *
Product data sheet

TEK MSO56 1GHz 6Ch - Ex Demo Model. Subject to availability

Product no.: MSO56 5-BW-1000-ExDemo

20,636.00 *
Old price 27,514.00 €
Product data sheet

TEK MSO54 1GHz 4Ch - Ex Demo Model. Subject to availability

Product no.: MSO54 5-BW-1000-ExDemo

13,333.00 *
Old price 19,900.00 €
Product data sheet

TEK-DPO/MSO2000B Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: TEK-DPO/MSO2000B-Series

from 1,270.00 *
Product data sheet

PicoScope 4444

Product no.: PQ088

1,085.00 *
Product data sheet


Product no.: TEK-TDS3000C-Series

from 7,150.00 *
Product data sheet

TEK-THS3000 Series Handheld Isolated Oscilloscope

Product no.: TEK-THS3000-Series

from 5,040.00 *
Product data sheet

TEK-TPS2000B-Series Oscilloscope Isolated Channels

Product no.: TEK-TPS2000B-Series

from 3,660.00 *
Product data sheet

New RTA4000 Series

Product no.: RTA4000

from 5,230.00 *
Product data sheet
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1 - 36 of 42 results