IoT Internet Of Things

IoT Internet Of Things

Developing products for IoT and wearable technologies brings a number of unique challenges.

  • Mixed Domain design, RF, embedded processors and analog sensors.
  • Optomising power consumption for extended battery life.
  • Testing at all levels of battery discharge.
  • Characterising and Optomising RF performance.
  • EMC/EMI and wireless standards compliance testing.

Having the right tools for the job will greatly speed your development process.

  • Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes let you see RF, serial bus data and analog sensor signals all in a time correlated manor.
  • Wide dynamic range meters can log sleep and active TX power consumption on a signle range.
  • Battery simulating power supplies make testing at various discharge levels simple. Better to find a problem during test than after the product ships!
  • With short duration TX bursts a conventional spectrum analyzer may struggle to see your signals. A realtime analyzer such as the RSA306 will catch any RF event right down to 100uSec duration.
  • The RSA306 is also your ideal tool for pre-compliance testing against EMC and wireless standards. 


Watch our Tutorial on how to measure low level currents typical of IoT applications.


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MDO4000C Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: TEK - MDO4000C

from 6,520.00 € *
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RTE1000 Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: RTE1000

from 5,350.00 € *
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MDO3000 Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: TEK - MDO3000

from 3,250.00 € *
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MDO4000C Series 500MHz-1GHz Oscilloscope Promotion

Product no.: TEK - MDO4000C Promo

from 16,280.00 € *
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MDO3000 Series 500MHz-1GHz Oscilloscope Promotion

Product no.: TEK - MDO3000 Promo

from 10,800.00 € *
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Product no.: KEITHLEY-2302

3,440.00 € *
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Product no.: KEITHLEY-2302-PJ

3,440.00 € *
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