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RTB2000 Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: RTB2000

from 1,250.00 *
Product data sheet

RTE1000 Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: RTE1000

from 5,350.00 *
Product data sheet

R&S HMO3054, 500MHz MSO, 4 channels with all options enabled.

Product no.: HMOCOMP4

Discontinued, please see RTM3000 series or RTB2000 series.


4,720.00 *
Product data sheet

New RTA4000 Series

Product no.: RTA4000

from 5,230.00 *
Product data sheet

R&S® HMO Compact Series

Product no.: HMO Compact

Discontinued, please see RTC1000 series or RTB2000 series.


Product data sheet

New RTM3000 Series

Product no.: RTM3000-Series

from 3,190.00 *
Product data sheet

New RTC1000 Series

Product no.: RTC1000 Series

from 835.00 *
Product data sheet
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