RTM3000 Series


RTM3000 Series

Product no.: RTM3000-Series
from 3,190.00
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?Digital 4ch Oscilloscope 100MHz to 1GHz, 5GSa/s, 80MSa, 10bit ADC, 10,1”

  • 16 bit MSO Logic Analyzer Option
  • Protocol Analyzer Options
  • Frequency Analysis Mode
  • 50MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator Option
  • 4bit Pattern Generator Option
  • Digital Voltmeter

Free 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer with RTM or RTA Oscilloscopes

Additional product information

Screen Size (Inch) 10
Touch Screen Yes
Video Out No


Product Note Status Price
R&S®RTM-B2410 R&S®RTM-B2410
Upgrade of RTM3004 to 1GHz bandwidth 9,260.00 € *

Product data sheet

R&S®RTM-B242 R&S®RTM-B242
Upgrade of RTM3004 to 200 MHz bandwidth 440.00 € *

Product data sheet

R&S®RTM-B243 R&S®RTM-B243
Upgrade of RTM3004 to 300 MHz bandwidth 4,010.00 € *

Product data sheet

R&S®RTM-B245 R&S®RTM-B245
Upgrade of RTM3004 to 500 MHz bandwidth 6,720.00 € *

Product data sheet

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