Front of Class

Front of Class

When it comes to front of class demonstrations the right tools can make all the difference. At IMEX we can supply not only the instruments but also a range of high quality screens, projectors and multi-touch big screen displays. Check out the AV section for more details. 

To keep unit costs down most student instruments do not include a video output. Here you will find a range of instruments suitable for big screen display. The same instruments may also be ideal for your 3rd year project work, reducing the number of instruments you need to learn.

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New Imex 75" LED Multi-touch panel

Product no.: IM75

3,350.00 € *

Delivery period: 1 working days

Newline 70" LED Multi-touch panel

Product no.: NL70

3,100.00 € *
Product data sheet

MDO3000 Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: TEK - MDO3000

from 3,250.00 € *
Product data sheet

RTB2000 Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: RTB2000

from 1,250.00 € *
Product data sheet

D5010-WNL - XGA 24/7 Ops

Product no.: D5010-WNL

1,650.00 € *
Product data sheet

Solartrainer Junior

Product no.: Solartrainer Junior

0.00 € *
Product data sheet

Windtrainer Junior

Product no.: Windtrainer Junior

0.00 € *
Product data sheet

H2-Trainer Junior

Product no.: H2-Trainer Junior

0.00 € *
Product data sheet

Solartrainer prof

Product no.: Solartrainer prof

0.00 € *
Product data sheet

MDO3000 Series 500MHz-1GHz Oscilloscope Promotion

Product no.: TEK - MDO3000 Promo

from 10,800.00 € *
Product data sheet


Product no.: D555WH

380.00 € *
Product data sheet


Product no.: D555WH-EDU

405.00 € *
Product data sheet


Product no.: D557WH-EDU

440.00 € *
Product data sheet

DH558-EDU - 1080p for Education

Product no.: DH558-EDU

582.50 € *
Product data sheet

DH833-EDU - 1080p for Education

Product no.: DH833-EDU

1,100.00 € *
Product data sheet

New RTC1000 Series

Product no.: RTC1000 Series

from 835.00 € *

DW832-EDU - Successor of DW866, DW868

Product no.: DW832-EDU

900.00 € *
Product data sheet

DX881ST - Short throw

Product no.: DX881ST

550.00 € *
Product data sheet
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