57-200-USB Antenna Lab

57-200-USB Antenna Lab

Product no.: FB-57-200-USB

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AntennaLab 57-200-USB is a unique package of hardware modelling and software based measurement system that is suitable for teaching the principles of antenna operation, through to advanced antenna design. It uses hardware modelling at frequencies of 1200-1800MHz to demonstrate the theoretical principles and practical performance of a wide range of antenna types and systems and fully supported by assignments and text- books to cover a wide range of teaching and project work. The 57-200-USB does not require any additional instrumentation or external power supplies, but does require the ESPIAL Software Package (93-420) since the system is PC-based, with all measurements for the hardware experimental work being performed by the PC. Signal levels, frequency response, azimuth and elevation plots, return loss and 3-D visualisations are available. The ESPIAL Software Package (93-420) includes teaching software and editing tools (see the ESPIAL datasheet for further details)  

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