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PG3A Digital Pattern Generator

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The PG3A Digital Pattern Generator is a general purpose and powerful tool for both engineering and production. The pattern generator can be used for peripheral/ASIC emulation and stimulation, setup/hold verification, production test, small-scale ATE, and general digital stimulus. When coupled with a Tektronix Logic Analyzer and/or a Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope, a complete test system is realized.


Key Features

  • 64 channels (merge-able to 256 channels), 300 MHz all channels, 32 MVectors, +/- 200pS (typ) data skew
  • Wide range, fine time delay adjustment for each 8 bit group (20pS steps)
  • Supports both flat and block-based data models (~4000 blocks)
  • Interactive GUI-to-module interface via USB 2.0 for setup and firmware update
  • Inputs probe for clock and events input – independent of output probe voltage standard
  • Small, quiet, cool, color-coded probes
  • Firmware is user-updatable to support field feature and other upgrades
  • External (user clock) supports gated clocks
  • Inputs: 8 external events, 1 trigger, external 10 MHz reference, 8 byte lane inhibits.
  • Additional outputs: 4 clocks and 4 configurable strobes (one each per output probe)
  • All functions, all pins simultaneously (clocks, strobes, inhibits, data)



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