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Working from home just got easier. Whether it's a home hobby lab, a remote student lab or a professional "working from home" setup we have it covered. Please see below for a selection of our working from home special offers. No longer are you tied to the office lab!

For more specialist needs please contact us and mention "working form home". In these difficult times we will do all that we can to help support our customers and the industry in general. 

Additional discount available to education customers, including students! Please contact us for details.

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WFH Bundle RTC1K-COM2 - HMC8043 - HMC8012

Product no.: WFH RTC1K-COM2

2,826.00 *
Old price 4,277.00 €

WFH Bundle MDO3 Series 350MHz - 2231 PSU - 2110 DMM

Product no.: WFH MDO34-350

9,812.00 *
Old price 16,076.00 €

WFH Bundle RTB2K-COM4 - HMC8043 - HMC8012

Product no.: WFH RTB2K-COM4

4,699.00 *
Old price 7,185.00 €

WFH MDO3024 200MHz - 2231 DC Power Supply - 5.5 Digit DMM

Product no.: WFH MDO3024

5,147.00 *
Old price 8,559.00 €

WFH Bundle RTM3K-COM4 - HMC8043 - HMC8012

Product no.: WFH RTM3K-COM4

9,996.00 *
Old price 17,906.00 €

WFH Bundle MDO3 Series 1GHz - 2231 PSU - 2110 DMM

Product no.: WFH MDO34-1000

15,848.00 *
Old price 24,529.00 €
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