Product no.: TEK - MDO4000C

MDO400C Series, 3 Domains in one versatile instrument. Analog Time Domain, Digital Time Domain and Time Correlated Frequency Domain Analyisis.

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Product no.: MDO4MSO
Add 16 digital channels to your MDO4000 series instrument. Includes P6616 logic probe.
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Product no.: TEK - MDO4AFG

Enable 250MS/s Arbitrary Function Generator on MDO4000 series instruments. 50MHz waveform generation, full arbitrary generation in addittion to all the common preconfigured waveforms. Capture and replay signals from any analog input. Add noise or edit the waveforms directly on the instrument.

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Product no.: TEK - DPO4BND

DPO4BND Adds all the functionality available to your DPO4000, MSO4000, MDO4000 series instrument.


Includes all the functionality of each indiviual application... DPO4AERO, DPO4AUDIO, DPO4AUTO, DPO4COMP, DPO4EMBD, DPO4ENET, DPO4LMT, DPO4PWR, DPO4USB, DPO4VID

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