About us

Founded in 1970IMEX is now a long established and thriving business.  We are the Sole distributor of Test and Measurement equipment for Tektronix, Keithley, Rohde and Schwarz, TTI, MOHR and PICO Technology in Ireland. As a very diverse and dynamic company with specialist knowledge in leading edge Electronics as well as a large customer base in Education we now more than ever have fantastic exposure to real world companies developing new technology.  This allows us to carry our knowledge through to our Educational customers by enhancing teaching laboratories and classrooms with relevant equipment to ensure that future graduates have access to industry standard equipment and practices.


In 1998 IMEX branched into the Audio Visual and Interactive training solutions business. IMEX have a fantastic range of Android based Multi-touch LED panels which are now being used in education as an upgrade to the old fashioned Interactive whiteboard systems widely used. We give impartial advice on the current market products and supply the most suitable LED multi-touch panel to meet each individual customer’s requirements.


IMEX Systems and IMEX Instruments Ltd are both wholly owned by the same board of Directors, trading in Ireland and UK.  Both companies are run by the same team of people who are not only professionally qualified but also bring a wealth of industry experience and are highly dedicated to providing the best solutions to customers in their respective fields. 


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