Terms and Conditions

Online Orders

When we receive your order, we will send an order confirmation. When we have reviewed your order, we will send an order acceptance. Until we have done this, no contract exists between us.

Imex is committed to customer satisfaction and we will do our best to complete this order as soon as possible. If we are unable to supply your item(s) from stock, we will contact you with an approximate delivery date. If this date is not acceptable, you may cancel your order without penalty. 

Imex reserves the right to refuse any orders where the incorrect price has been listed in error on this website.

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

IMEX is committed to meeting the requirements of the European Union (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations 2014. These Regulations require producers of electrical and electronic equipment to finance the takeback, for reuse or recycling, of WEEE resulting from products that we placed on the market. In line with that commitment IMEX will take back WEEE from you. 

For product that we placed on the market after August 13th, 2005 you do not need to make a new purchase from us to avail of the offer. However, for product that was placed on the market before August 13th, 2005 we are only obliged take it back when you make a purchase from us of  a similar type of product.