RTO2000 Series Oscilloscope - Up to 6GHz Bandwidth

Product no.: RTO2000
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Best oscilloscope performance
Precise measurements due to very low noise level
Up to 16-bit vertical resolution
Trigger on any signal detail you can see
Quickly find signal faults with 1 million waveforms/s
Integrated spectrum analysis

Widest range of capabilities
Industry-leading 2 Gsample deep memory
First zone trigger in time and frequency domain
Analyze previous acquisitions ? always available in history buffer
Deep toolset for signal analysis

Advanced user interface
High-resolution capacitive touchscreen with gesture support
Easily customizable waveform display with R&S®SmartGrid technology
Fast access to important tools
Clear orientation thanks to color coding
App cockpit to quickly set up analysis functions

Additional product information

Touch Screen Yes
Video Out Yes

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