Electronics and Physics Lab

Electronics and Physics Lab

Every electrical, electronic and physics teaching lab has a set of core requirements. These are generally satisfied by the following equipment.

  • Voltage, Current and Resistance meters. Typically a digital multimeter.
  • Current limited bench power supply.
  • Two channel oscilloscope of at least 50MHz bandwidth.
  • Ability to view modulated RF spectrum via Oscilloscope FFT or a low cost Spectrum Analyser.
  • Audio frequency waveform/function/pulse pattern generator.
  • RF signal generator.

With modern instruments many of these functions have merged together in to single devices such as oscilloscopes that include FFT functions or even have full Spectrum Analysers built in. Arbitrary Function Generators that include the functionality of an RF SigGen, Audio SigGen, Pattern/Function Generator and more. Digital multimeters of course have always had multiple functions but now they may include temperature measurement, data logging and dual measurement capability. 

The requirements of a Physics Lab may differ slightly from a more general electronics lab. Particularly on the capabilities required of the Oscilloscope. A pure physics lab may not need some of the addittional features such as serial protocol decoding or mixed signal analysis. Otherwise the requirements are essentally the same and can be satisfied with a single set of equipment.

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MDO3000 Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: TEK - MDO3000

from £2,800.00 *
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TBS1000B-EDU Education Oscilloscope

Product no.: TBS1000B-EDU

from £417.00 *
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RTB2000 Series Oscilloscope

Product no.: RTB2000

from £1,141.00 *
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Product no.: AIM-EL302RT

£322.00 *
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MDO3000 Series 500MHz-1GHz Oscilloscope Promotion

Product no.: TEK - MDO3000 Promo

from £8,890.00 *
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MDO3024 200MHz 4Ch Oscilloscope Promotion

Product no.: TEK - MDO3024 - Promo

from £2,750.00 *
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RTB2000 Ex Demo Oscilloscope

Product no.: RTB2004-ExDemo

from £1,238.00 *
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R&S® HMO Compact Series

Product no.: HMO Compact

from £0.00 *
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New R&S®RTC1002

Product no.: RTC1002

£762.00 *
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1 - 36 of 38 results